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Local History Exhibition  Weekend and Reunion 2009

Hundreds of people flocked from across the country to visit the weekend history exhibition and school reunion at Hollinsclough. There was a range of maps, wills, rentals, parish records, photos and other memorabilia on display at the event. Pupils from 1919 to the present day, including the toddlers who attend the school’s stay and play sessions, attended the event. The new school building is celebrating its 50th birthday soon and a reunion was staged for all pupils who attended the old and new schools.

Thank you to all those who attended, some several times, and to those who helped out. Special thanks to Jennifer Wheeldon for all her help in preparation for the event. Margaret Parker, Teresa Riley, Bill Prince and Christine Hartley put on wonderful displays about Flash and Longnor Schools and Reapsmoor. Barbara and David Cox produced a great slide-show which brought back many memories. Sue Gaukroger’s Reminiscence Roadshow on Sunday was also very popular. The ladies of the Chapel dispensed copious quantities of their delicious refreshments.

It was great to see so many people laughing and chatting together about school days etc. It made our weekend when Harry Grindey, who started at Hollinsclough School in 1919, and his family visited the exhibition. At the other end of the age range was a small baby, Ruby, who is going to attend Stay and Play. It gives such a sense of continuity.

Victoria and Lynda

Relatively Speaking 2008

We had a very successful day and people came from far and wide.

Next year will be 'School Days' including a school reunion.

OatFest - We had a very successful day at OatFest with a huge number of visitors. The weather was kind and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, which was the main aim of the day. If you took any photographs that you would like to enter in our competition, please send to v.rowe352@btinternet.com. The best will be featured on the website.

We'd like to thank Marion Hammond for sending the following in:

A Day at Hollinsclough Fair : May 5th 2008

It's settled in the middle of the Moorlands, in a hollow in sunlight, everywhere round it was cloud, it was May Bank Holiday.  People came in rain clothes and wellington boots, until they got there, into another world.  It all looked golden, people were drawn into it, out of the gloom and into the glow; smiling faces, busy with their crafts, all beautifully made by them, cakes and pies, pictures and cards, children gleefully happy with painted faces, the light from the sun reflected on them: shining.

There were new foals in the fields and lambs on the hill, it was a fountain of happiness and everyone had found it.

Marion Hammond